Zero and One

In the ancient philosophy of Kabbalah the human was meant to take on the role of a vessel being filled by God. But not for long was man satisfied with this passive role, but wanted to play the role of God, the number one as well. Zero being that vessel, the circle which receives and cradles, while One representing the first, the best, the purest form of materiality. One is tangible, it can be defined. Zero is unspeakable. There is no bigger leap in the universe than the leap between nothing to something. In our materialistic society of today we have lost the reverence for the undefined, for spaciousness. In this new work of mine I am investigating this notion of the undefined, of potential vs. the already defined number One. When man began defining himself as number one, the woman had to take the place as zero her already carrying the biological form of a vessel receiving the sperm and cradling his offspring. Aristoteles in his writing set this role of woman within the human species in stone through his writings and condemned her to countless generations of suffering. Once the man placed his seed, the woman could be defined. We are entering a new era in which spaciousness is being recognized and valued.