The Universe and Us

One of the essential differences between animals and humans is the ability to self-reflect. However, observing general human behavior, it seems there is quite little self reflecting actually being done in our society. How does one find one's way to self reflection, while still taking part in a society with such ardent fascination for distraction? Eckhard Tolle encourages us to ask ourselves as often as possible: How do I feel right now?

What would happen if we all suddenly started asking ourselves repeatedly as we wander through our days: "HOW DO I FEEL RIGHT NOW?"

In this group of works I am investigating how I feel, as a body in space - listening inward into my body vs. listening to the countless theoretical stories in my head about my situation in this world.

Our society does not encourage us to stop and feel and it is difficult to distinguish between how I feel vs. what I think my situation means in relationship with society at large. 

Especially nowadays in a time when every question already has its answer out there in the internet! Ignoring all answers coming from external sources is especially difficult when I have a  mobile device glued to my hand.