Collection of Shed Skins

Before my arrival to Vienna the Krinzinger Gallery sent over 700 e-mails out to their community asking people to sign up for inviting me over, so I could pick up a piece of clothing for my project. Out of 700 people, only one person responded. By the time I arrived, Mrs. Krinzinger was so nervous, fearing that the project wouldn't work out with such a poor response and suggested that I should go to a thrift store and buy old clothing in bulk. That was not the idea of the project, I explained to her –  every piece of clothing should originate from a person who I had met personally and with whom I had created a relationship. Even if I ended up with only three or four pieces in the installation, I would be fine with it, as long as those pieces were genuine elements donated by people I knew. 

But then, once I hit the streets, all doors opened up! It was an incredible miracle! I just walked out with my uniform and suitcase and started addressing every person on the street and in busses or wherever it is possible to talk to strangers and asked them to participate. People were so amazing, so friendly and so welcoming! They were all so supportive, all trusted me and invited me to their homes or offices to come and pick up their contribution. Even more, I almost never ended up eating by myself and made so many new friends. But above all, my sculpture grew into an immensely large piece.  Vienna has become one of my favorite cities and my second home!


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Making of the Artwork