Swiss Miss: A Gathering

Galerie Nicola von Senger, 2008

Swiss Miss: A Gathering is another investigation of the struggle of the feeling of separation between the self and others and the social ramifications occurring from it. We wear masks to fit into a social system and to hide our feelings of inadequacy behind a pleasant front. Bringing this work to Zurich, Switzerland, the area where I grew up, was an especially challenging and exciting experience for me, as it was my first presentation ever of my work back home. Therefore, going back to Zurich and peeling off my own façade, to reveal my unpredictable, less censored aspects, felt like looking my own demons straight into the eyes.

Swiss Miss: A Gathering has four chapters: Gathering of Confessions, a collection of inadequacies I gathered in the time leading up to the show, Performance, the moment of my own unveiling, Installation, the sculptures born during my performance and Confessions, the actual notes I received from the people of Zurich.