Fate, 2010

Fate: A hollowed out tree stump that washed up on the shore of Ahungalla, Sri Lanka. Listening to it, one can hear the ocean and a voice singing. The song is the aria about fate from Bizet’s opera Carmen. Carmen sings this song when she is seeing her approaching death on the card she laid out for herself. She sings how fate cannot be meddled with. Whats written in the great book above is what is meant to happen. There is nothing anyone can do.

MP3 Player, Recording of Clarina singing Carmen’s aria from the card scene from Bizet’s opera Carmen. 20 x 24 x 29″
I created this piece on a residency in Sri Lanka organized by Krinzinger Gallery and One World Foundation.


Fate, 2010


Beach in Ahungalla Sri Lanka where I fount the trunk


Manchu shows me how to do the hollowing out.


THis is crazy hard work!!