A Lady with a Thousand Faces


The Lady with a Thousand Faces, 2012
Costume exhibited at Katz Contemporary Gallery Zurich, Switzerland.

This piece was initially commissioned by UBS Swiss Bank for a special event at their ART Basel VIP lounge, June 2011

The Lady with a Thousand Faces is a performance in which a mysterious figure dressed in an elaborate silk gown enters a crowded room. She has no face, and instead, there is a mirror which reflects the audience members’ faces. She moves through the space while singing an Italian aria about the artist as God’s messenger who serves as perfect mirror image of humanity.

The Lady with a Thousand Faces, 2012,

Video of the performance “The Lady with a Thousand Faces”, performed in the Exhibition: Devouring and Being Devoured which took place in September 2012 at Katz Contemporary Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland.


The Lady with a Thousand Faces,
Quietly she glides in sits down and starts singing.


The Lady with a Thousand Faces, 2012,

The aria she sings is the aria from Francisco Cilea’s Opera Adriana Lecouvreur: Io son l’umile anchella, (I am the humble servant)


The Lady with a Thousand Faces, 2012,

She sings about the artist’s invaluable roll as the direct communicator of our divine creator. To be a true and faithful reflection of the perpetuating drama of human existence.


The Lady with a Thousand Faces, 2012,

Some times gently, sometimes powerfully loud, she addresses each member of the audience.The inquisitive viewers who are puzzled about her identity only get their own reflections thrown back at them when gazing into her face. In this situation it is a daunting sight like a peek into the face of ones own mortality.


The Lady with a Thousand Faces, 2012,

Her singing vibrates through the room like an ominous sign. Everyone listens and watches very quietly.


The Lady with a Thousand Faces, Rendering, 2012
Gouache, pencil, ink and collage on paper. 14 x 19″

Io Son l’ umile Ancella: I am but a Humble Servant
Aria from Francesco Cilea’s Opera Adriana Lecouvreur:

Ecco, respiro appena,
Look here: I am scarcely breathing…

Io son l’umile ancella
I am but a humble servant

del genio creator;
of the brilliant creator;

Ei m’offre la favella
He offers me the words

Io la diffondo ai cor…
that I impart to the heart…

l’eco del dramma uman,
the echo of human drama,

il fragile strumento
the fragile instrument,

vassallo della man…
the lowly hand-maiden…

Mite, gioconda, atroce,
Timid, joyous, atrocious,

Mi chiamo Fedeltà;
I am called Faithfulness.

Un soffio è la mia voce,
My voice is just a whisper,

che al novo di morrà.
which, with the new day, will die.