Swiss Miss: a Gathering

For the Show Swiss Miss – a Gathering the gallery space is made to resemble a luscious pasture with a giant bell tower soaring in its center. In this setting the magic transformation of our agreeable Swiss Miss to her inner, erratic and threateningly awkward worm-like being takes place. Through her transformation Swiss Miss gives life to an array of sculptural pieces; an exhausting process of unveiling to expose her inner suppressed and awkward aspects which have been yearning to come to the surface for a long time. Finally, this is also the time when the confessions she collected all over town are being called out – a moment of celebration and liberation! At peace now, the worm returns to its shed former skin, devours it and exits the scene. Finally she reappears dressed again as Swiss Miss, but now peacefully socialized, to greet the audience.

Life performance filmed at Galerie Nicola von Senger, 2008
Filmed by Conny Kipfer, edited by Conny Kipfer and Clarina Bezzola.