In Lamentation each element was carefully chosen to illustrate the completely hopeless situation of the wearer. The hyperextended fleshy breast-outgrowths which are protruding from the chest opening of the padded Humpty Dumpty jump suit, symbolize the wearer’s outflow of energy and creativity. This is the nourishment for the absurd chrome-fur machine, which the protagonist is laboriously dragging behind herself. Through this feeding process she is being sucked completely dry. Her gigantic breasts, utterly exposed to the extent of even lacking skin, underline her complete vulnerability and hypersensitivity, and stand in striking contrast to the quaint flower pattern of her cozy garment and slippers. The shiny structure with the legless and headless creature strapped up in its center is a symbol for society. The leech she is dragging along on the leach is her companion, her pet who passively tags along. Lamentation is a funeral march I organized for myself at a time when my life was caught in a downward spiral. Through the performance I tried to define a low point, a place of arrival. This, I hoped, would slow down the downward current and perhaps facilitate a change of the situation. Lamentation is a celebration, an acknowledgement and burial of the struggle – a burial to enable new growth from the nourishing grave site.

Performance filmed at Cynthia Broan Gallery the evening before the first performance. New York, September 2001

Filmed by Ji Lee, edited by Clarina Bezzola.