iLady or Lady or Lady Screenface is the the new face of the perfect society woman and hostess for any elegant or exciting event. She can be rented for special occasions. Below is a little video segment showing iLady making a welcome speech and singing a Schubert song. She was created in connection to a Festival celebrating the upcoming centennial of Dadaism – a character to illustrate some of the absurdities of our times . But instead of commenting on the absurdities they were elaborating on almost one hundred years ago iLady is a commentary on our current times. She is a product of life in an age in which many people feel more alive and spontaneous communicating and moving about in a screen world – a society of people who feel more at ease expressing themselves via social media and e-mails than in a face to face dialogue with real people.

The idea of the iLady was conceived in collaboration with Miles Pittman



Initially iLady was created for DadaBomb, the opening event for the festival Zurich meets New York. The DadaBomb event was directed by Giants are Small and financed and organized by the Swiss consulate, the Polytech Zurich and the University of Zurich.